Let’s Get Healthy: Keto Industry Leader Deana Karim Shares Simple but impactful Choices for National Nutrition Month

3 min readMar 3, 2021
Karim developed top-selling, clean-crafted, and low-carb food brand Good Dee’s to help others eat healthier, and she is passionate about spreading the word

NEW YORK — (March 3rd, 2021): Deana Karim’s down-to-earth understanding and simplification of Keto nutrition helps people worldwide make life-altering changes for the better. Founder of Good Dee’s, a pioneer of Keto-friendly bakery and pantry items, Karim’s nutritional journey has inspired her to share her story as part of National Nutrition Month by educating others and making healthier food choices easier.

“National Nutrition Month is near and dear to my heart because I struggled so long with weight. My family history of diabetes and my inability to get a grip on my weight struggles led me to educate myself and take charge of my fitness,” says Deana Karim, Founder and Owner of Good Dee’s. “Simple tweaks in my life like lowering carbs and sugar and changing my mindset helped me conquer a lifelong struggle with weight.”

Although Karim realized that low sugar/low-carb was an impactful way to get healthy, there was a lack of tasty options for baking or snacking on the market. She felt she was depriving herself of good food. She discovered everyday easy pantry items that satisfied and were easy to make, which inspired her to found Good Dee’s. It now offers baking mixes and other food items that are low carb, low sugar, and gluten-free and clean eating options for most wellness goals, including KETO, vegan, and vegetarian.

Karim’s healthy eating ideas align with National Nutrition Month, including eating from all food groups, reading nutrition panels carefully, and taking time to ENJOY foods.

Deana Karim’s five simple tips for healthier eating are:

  1. You can “have your cake and eat it too.” Eating healthy doesn’t mean bland. Keto-friendly substitutes are delicious for baking. Check out Sweet Butter Pecan Cookies made with sweet potato butter here.
  2. Pack Keto-friendly options. Planning is vital for this lifestyle. Have a healthy choice on hand, so you don’t reach for the fastest (often sugar-laden) option.
  3. Low sugar is a crucial component of any healthy lifestyle, but you can still have sweets! Incorporate low or no-sugar blends into your life.
  4. Don’t be tempted to reach for the carbs. Do a simple pantry make-over with low-carb condiments, sugar-free sweeteners, nuts & seeds, and Good Dee’s, of course!
  5. Take the word “diet” out of your vocabulary. Find an eating lifestyle that keeps you at your healthiest but doesn’t make you feel deprived. It’s about finding a sustainable balance with realistic goals.

Karim’s passion for helping others with their health journey doesn’t stop there. The native Texan is donating 15% of all Good Dee’s sales to Texas non-profits. So treat yourself and check out Good Dee’s many healthy and flavorful products, including their clean-swap baking mixes at GoodDees.com. The vast selection of baking mixes has delectable results on par with their sugar-laden counterparts. Favorites include the “Coconut Snack Cake Mix”, “Blueberry Pancake Mix”, “Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix”, and “Devil’s Food Cake.” Shop the complete Good Dee’s collection now at select natural food stores, supermarket chains, and independent grocery stores nationwide. Browse clean eating mixes and pantry staples online at GoodDees.com, along with complete nutrition information and mouthwatering no-bake recipes perfect for experienced bakers and novices alike! Get inspired by innovative healthy baking ideas to satisfy every craving on Instagram @GoodDeesMix.

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About Good Dee’s:

Created and founded by native Texan-turned-New Yorker Deana Karim, Good Dee’s proves that health-conscious living and decadent indulgence mix. Give in to cravings guilt-free with Good Dee’s complete collection of baking mixes designed for low-carb, restricted, and special diets. The tasty solution to a lifetime of deprivation and struggle with weight gain, Good Dee’s offers innovative, full-flavor mixes free of gluten, soy, wheat, and added sugar. Also available in nut-free brownie, blondies, chocolate snack cake, and muffin mix. Learn more and shop all flavors and varieties — priced at just $11.99 each — online at GoodDees.com. Find inspirational recipes and baking ideas on Instagram @GoodDeesMix.

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